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Company Profile
Business Type Manufacturer , Service Provider , Supplier
Primary Competitive Advantages
  • World-class product quality
  • Competitive rates
  • On-time delivery
  • Excellent packaging capability
  • Wide distribution network

No of Production Lines 2
Investment on Manufacturing Equipment Rs. 4 crore
OEM Service Provided Yes
Production Type Automatic
No of Engineers 7
Monthly Production Capacity As per requirement
Product Range
  • Epoxy Floorings / Coatings: Fibfloor (Screed), Fibfloor (SL), Fibfloor (FC), Finfloor (LB), Fibfloor (Primer), Fibfloor (Primer LB), Fibfloor (SC), Fibfloor (PES), Fibfloor (WB), Fibfloor (DBS), Fibfloor (CEM), Fibfloor (PU), Fibfloor (SLC), etc.
  • Floor Hardeners: Fibfloor - HT, Fibfloor - HTM, Fibfloor - HD, Fibfloor - HTC, Fibfloor - PC, Fibfloor LH, Fibfloor - Glaze, etc.
  • Grouts: Fibgrout - HF, Fibgrout - HF2, Fibgrout H3G, Fibgrout HS3, Fibgrout NSG, etc.
  • Waterproofing Coatings: Fibseal (CWP), Fibseal Plaster Mix, Fibplastic Plaster, Fibweather, Fibseal (Crystal), Fibsilicon (SB), Finsilicon (WB), etc.
  • Repair Compounds: Fibplug, Fibcrete (HP), Fibcrete (SBR), Fibcrete (WPC), Fibweld, Fibbond 253, Fibpoxy (IR), Finpoxy (VG), Fibmicrocrete, Fibfloor (CC), Fibfloor (TC), Fibseal (CS), etc.
  • Curing And Sealing Compounds: Fibcure, Fibrezseal, Fibcure (WB), Fibseal, etc.
  • Waterproofing Admixtures: Fib Integral Waterpeller, Fibplast Water Peller, Fibrex No. 1, etc.
  • Tile Grouts / Adhesives: Fibtilo (100), Fibtilo (200), Fibtilo (300 EP), Fibset (LD), Fibset 412, etc.
  • Joint Sealants: Fibseal (JSE 700), Fibseal (JSP - 700), etc.
  • Coatings for Corrosion Protection: Fibzinc (Primer), Fibpoxy - (MIO), Fib Corrbond, Fibpoxy (PB), Fibpoxy CTE, Fibpoxy (BEC), Fiboxy (ARC), etc.
  • Admixtures: Fibcon WR, Fibcon 87/n, Fibcon (AM-100), Fibcon 412/n, Fibcon RTD, Fibcon M-200, Fibcon C/A, Fibcon AWA, etc.
Standard Certification ISO 9001:2000.